In fact, I seem to not know who am I. Most of the time I keep wandering in my mind through everything that I am not, what I know nothing of and … yep, just in space and skies too. That does seem to have nothing to do with the search of a place for me to be. It mostly has to do with why I have what I have, why I've done what I've done and such things.

When someone says, I don't know, who I am, this mostly means ‘I'm looking for a place to be’. Not the case, definitely. I see my place, in fact, all of them. But that doesn't answer the question at all. Just … I observe other people, and don't understand them. No, not entirely correct. I've been trying to understand what's happening around, all the motives of people around me, all the things they are not telling, all that stuff they seem to be assuming as obvious and intuitive. Doesn't work with me. Frightening a bit. Always an outsider being on the wrong side. Behaving like I understand them, like I see what they mean, say, intend to say. Not at all in fact. Only guessing, having an incomplete set of puzzle. Like I know what are they on, but not knowing, how to deal with the matter.

Obviously, that should be a quite usual feeling for everyone. Yep. But I doubt, it is on the same scale.

Know what? I never hear what I'm said. I guess. I always had a very poor ability to distinguish one's speech from another's. So mostly I miss the whole point, just trying to guess out of blind what I'm supposed to answer. Works. Well, mostly. Not as anyone cares.

Just a thought — if you meet aliens, call me. I'm a pro in dealing with biased knowledge and culture. For sure. Cause I had none, and got only a view over it. If you think, I'm normal, I'm definitely part of humanity — it just proves the point ;)