Sometimes, I just fell like I want to share my vision
of the world. With noone in particular actually, since
mostly noone understands. Ow, wow, I have a blog…

So here is the first interesting bit — what security is. Let me tell you some of my observations, for you to tune in.

Please, show your ID to continue

No, actually not. But this is the point: how often do people with responsibilities belayed on them ask you to confirm your identity? As of my experience, the less responsibilities they have, the more pedantic they will be. Well, this is common knowledge, actually. People tend to feel themselves more important than they really are. This is mostly directly linked to their standing in the world, they feel like if they are at the lower end, it means they are in control of what was belayed on them. Partially, that seems true, but they simply usually don't have any courage to extend outwards their responsibilities. So, they believe in the notion of 'If one looks like he is authoritative, then he is authoritative'.

Now the other side — you are responsible for the security, on some quite big scale. You are obliged to thoroughly check everyone passing in and out; maybe that one carries a bomb, or that one is stealing something, or he has a gun. No, damn it, who will need this? Everyone knows it is a place with high security level, why would anyone even take a try? 'Oh, look, that man entered with a full Cola can, and now he exits with an empty one! Hey, what do you think? — I think, he is already far away from here…'

Airport high-security zone, access to airport internals, to landing zone, fuel tanks, etc…

The metal-detecting frame is beeping loudly and is red. 'Do you have a belt? — Yep. Take off? — No, anything else you have? — Noope… — Ok, then. You know the way? — Sure…'

Airport security terminals for passengers.

The metal-detecting frame reports minor detection. 'Sir, sit here, please. Put your shoes in that box, hands apart, sit still…'

'I have that fancy paper…'

'What is this piece??'

'… it has a state seal on it…'

'Oh, sorry, sure, you can pass'

Reminded of a story with my collegue, with his work ID; it has some fancy words like 'Вход в административное здание управления делами президента по адресу <…> разрешен.' And he was trying to enter student hostel without any other ID present (never seen anyone in that exact administrative state building to ask ID… ever)

Mhm, that was a glimpse of what I see. How I feel about it? Well, that's easier if you ask me…