I want to see everything. Every single tiniest bit of world, one could've seen — just because it was seen by a man. Or even more, if it was done by a man. And no, I'm not interested at all in how it looks, or how it was intended to look, or how it works, but much more — how one created it, what's inside it, how do they operate it, and what secrets it hides.

Sometimes, when I imagine Earth as seen from a high-orbit ship, I am just astonished at how this all worked out: despite all those constant conflicts, belayed genetically in our blood, how man was still capable of such cooperation, to build all of this, to that state. Just as I compare it to what I personally can do, how much time and effort I should lay down to create something pretty much not so monumental. And anyone else.

That is being a part of human society. And what happens, if we become even more … connected? united? what term I intended to use?..