Never before thought of it that way: the oldest ritual of sacrifice was, once, nothing more than a symbol of the universal princeple of losses and gains. You have to sacrifice something to gain something. Obvious universal principle. Feeling it through, how it has gone its way from symbol to the bloody ritual… Sort of disturbing. Gives other thoughts…

I've delayed this small post, now there is something from it.

I thought, it might be interesting to play with the idea of ageing and symbolicating something. Our universities, for example. It's like looking into everything you see everyday and trying to picture some kind of Symbol around it. Like as if you think, it was a symbol for the whole time it did exist.

Ageing of everything that can exist, be it matter or just ideas, lessen its function and make it a symbol of its function. Why is that? No idea. It should be something to do with our perception of the passing of knowledge. Maybe. Maybe not.

Anyway, to imagine it, just imagine the feeling of admiration of times, at any place you may not like. Imagine it being old,.. quiet,.. a story… A story you may have been told, you are part of now. Don't lose it, see it, and maybe, make it yours.