That is the New Year, 2014. And this post is about why we are celebrating it, why it is sooo good x)

But first, I'm so much delighted to write about what was that year for me. So:


That was the year I found the world in me and outside of me. It started just every other year I lived. But that exact time I made a decision to find myself in all that clumsiness of the outworld. And it was happening all the way through the first half of the year, each and every expirience I had I made a part of me. That caused both pain and such pleasure for me, that it became so much forever-memorable. An awesome year. I found and lost friends, I changed my self all over, and over again, and I finally settled with me, to remain as I am now, but not in the supposed — me is the one, who never stops to change, so I didn't, and that's what I am. That's what I'll always be. And there always will be the same people, who would accept me in that way, who will see me inside out, and I'll be happy. So great ^_^


What is so special about the New Year? No, not about 2014, but about the New Year as it is. It is the reference point, uniquely accepted throughout all the people you are with. And that is all, and that is so great =)

The Day, you would just come to your friends and say: "Man, that was a great year. Let the next one be even greater. Happineeeess, guys!!!"


Man, I feel happy x)


Just forgot to say, there were people in this year I'm so much thankful. Let me put this thanks here, split by seasons:

  • Spring: Serge V, for helping me find self-awareness. Without his presence I'd never believed, that I'm not alone in this vast universe. You are such a good friend. Be happy, man, after all. Find it =)

  • Summer: Kate M, the person, who gave me the way out of my secured bunker to the world outside. Never ever before I would've felt the need to change.

  • Autumn: Artie F, hey, you opened me to the ability to relax and to make spontaneous decisions. Who would've thought that is even possible with me? x) Let's continue it that way xD

  • Winter: Nastie T, you are sooo awesome person (афигенски, да), be assured you are great ^___^

The 2014 is going to be awesome, because of all of you, guys =) Carry on )