[Sidenote: I have to practice my English writing, so sorry to all those who find it difficult to read English]

Once, I had no Aim. I found pleasure in having problems solved. Then, I got my Aim. I knew it is the one and only, and so I started moving towards it. And then…

Then I knew it could never be reached.

The fact is, there is no Aim for anyone, that could be reached. Even though I never admitted that, that was the End. Or, at least, the beginning of one. What was afterwards? The Process.

One would ask: how can there be a Process, if it is the End, if there is no Aim? And he would be wrong to ever assume, that unreachable Aim is no Aim.

And here is the Beginning…

Once, I moved through the world blindly. Every single thing thrown at me was my task to cope with. No questions, no point of asking any. I had the Future, and it was Unclear. I had the Elderness, and it was in Emptiness. I had tha Plans for living, and it was of Nothing.

Then, there was an Idea. It was so wrong, but it was One. I've brought it into the realm of Reality, and it didn't fit in it. I've got another, and it didn't even materialize. I've got lots of other ideas, and never even tried to get them to this world. But they Were. They existed, somewhere beyond anyone's reach, and I have seen them. And they have seen me.

Every day, every hour, every minute, I looked upon them; I thought of worlds, where they could have been alive. And I joined them in those worlds. I loved those worlds for their hospitality. No one ever saw me in this world — I never was there, and never wished to be. No one was to blame for that; it's just that me and my ideas were not for this world.

That was a dead end. My ideas were the essence of my Aim. And this world wasn't for them; therefore, it wasn't for me. What was me then?

Then, the world struck me. It struck me hard, harder then ever. Then the light shone upon me, the light that was lovely. And then the ideas stopped coming. The Aim was none, and the world was as real as ever.

Next, came the revelation: the time exists not for the result, but for itself. The Process is the only Aim that ever was. What I see is the point, where everything ends; the time never ends, and the end never comes. But that doesn't lead us to the conclusion, that the end doesn't exist. It is as simple as mathematical infinity: it is a single point, it exist, but one can not finish counting up to it. Nevertheless, one continues counting. That is the Process. When one reaches it — there is nothing beyond, everything is achieved and everything is Great.

Now, that was just gibberish. Let's fall back to the reality once again.

So, the revelation was: the unreachable Aim is one of infinite process, and infinite process by definition comes with infinite smaller aims. In fact, all of them. And I defined the Process to be that way. Now, I have infinite pool of tasks, each one of them is, in naïve, not related to the Aim; but as the definition of the Process of the Aim goes, it is, on the contrary, related in the most straight-forward way. The more tasks you solve, the closer you are to the Aim.

The Aim lies in the realm of Infinity; but you still leave the world in a state a bit closer to your Aim. Now go on, solve each and every task you have, you sleepy ass. There is a world that needs to become better.