So, I've finally transferred the blog to AWS, upgraded Ghost, enabled IPv6, HTTP/2 and… well, probably that's all what I did. Also, that means almost no more downtime, which is a good thing, obviously.

Farewell, Raspberry Pi in my Minsk apartment…

What's more important, the blog is back, after such a long hiatus. Yay! ^_^

Soon I'll be adding some static pages, portfolio page (on main website, which is inexistent yet) and some other stuff :)

Memories of Raspberry Pi, my Minsk home, all the old stuff… Such nostalgia, now that I'm living in US (or, at the very least, while I'm living in US). That small piece of internet, which was totally my own. AWS doesn't bring such feeling, it's not something here, it's something there. I still like the fact that it is mine, in a sense, and it was fairly easy to transfer. Plus all the new features, like IPv6 and reverse-dns, which weren't available on a home-grade network with a public IP in Minsk. But still…

Farewell. I will always remember you, my Raspberry Pi.

UPD: apparently, I didn't notice a serious HTTPS issue (all links were to http, not https resources). All fixed now.