And one day you just wake up knowing how the world revolves. You finally come to see what you refused to see for so long. Find out, that the greatest gaps are just an arm-distance away. Stop pretending to help every soul out there; never ever making up unexistent guilt for things you didn't do (right). Know that answers come once you start seeking for them: they don't just walk into the front door and say "Hey, we heard there was a question. Wanna have the answer?". Nope. But looking for them precociously is just sowering walls, denying yourself flow of joy.

Though, here we are. Alive once again, calm and steady. Grateful and worrying. Holding the paths of the future in our hands, not caring about anything too far-fetched right now. When the time comes, we would be already strong enough to handle anything, and for now, let us enjoy the blissful moments alone.