Today I found, that I have less friends, than I thought I do. That's kind of interesting, because once I thought I have no friends, and that person was the first one, I ever considered being friend.

There was a time, when we just shared lots of interests. There was a time, we found we share almost the same view on the world. There was a time, we helped each other with our kind of *life problems*. And that's where it has gone wrong, I see now. That's where we did change, and while I was still trusting that man, and I thought I do understand what he is (at least partially), it turnes out, he was only kind of afraid of just how much I know about him.

There goes a story, which I still won't tell in favor of that man, about his life, his happiness and some weirdest things I've ever done, I've ever heard of or I've ever seen. About how he got secrets, about why he still keeps them. About what I don't understand in the world.

And here we are, with that man locking himself out of me, finally, and me knowing that we were as distant as ever two people can be, just since the time I was sure, we were as close, as friends can be.

Good luck my dear friend, lost long time ago…

In remembrance of what was the *unrefactored* version of Y.L.

just for lulz, this post is too sad:
just for lulz, this post is too sad