Aand, we're back with english ) From now on, just traditionally. Since for some reason the barrier that was holding my emotions in english got broken. Fun, though x)

Now, back to the point.

Just it occured to me, that I'm obviously not the only one, who can find the 'hidden thruth' where there was none. Strange feeling, I've just taken the other point of view, now standing in place of anyone else, and behaving like I would've. And what I see, is that 'there is definetely something going on with me', and 'there must be no coincidence'. Well, damn me, I have those thoughts all over and over again, but I see though now, that I myself can be reviewed the same way.

Any kind of abbreviation, any unsaid word, damn me, for anyone not familiar with me and digging into it could've meant almost anything. Wow.

I've just done the research on me and my contacts, finding any links and clues on who I am, who I'm linked to, like if I don't know. So many interesting variations and alterations of my own life; so many meanings of the same words; even so many coincidences. It feels strange. And I feel quite stupid to ever have done it this way.

And what is the most weird, is that there is no__.one.single.__link anywhere to the reality. x_X