It feels like I'm never gonna face any big problems. No matter how my life goes, how much problems I build for myself — no, they don't touch me.

The usual way it happens:

  1. The problem finds me (or I find it, or I create it myself)
  2. I see the problem
  3. The problem grows
  4. The problem is damn big and seems unsolvable
  5. The fact of that problem existing and being unsolvable strikes me
  6. I want to solve the problem (no matter that it seems unsolvable)
  7. Oh, well, were there a problem? Why it was so easy?
  8. The problem never existed in the first place

I don't know, how or why this happens. Don't wanna know either. Just it makes me more and more irresponsible. And the size of problems always becomes bigger. And once it will just happen, that the problem persists.

Don't know any other way of learning, than on my own mistakes. Even if I predict it may happen — I'm not going to follow it.