I was just having a cup of tea to close to my macbook… Well, it had some disastrous consequences to its keyboard. Drying it all with a fan didn't do much help; it came shift-locked. No single lowercase letter, no digits. Only swear-mask xD

Disassebled half of the keyboard, was very disappointed to not have the right screwdriver to disassemble whole mac (well, sure I spelt tea intentionally, just to have a reasoning of disassembling mb air). Wasted 3 hours on drying it even more (no vapour was even left unremoved, of that I'm sure) with no result. But then I noticed… The cause was found to be a small defect area under the shift key, in the conducting layer, responsible for keypress — there was a tiny dent, which, most probably, once got in contact with water brought itself close enough to the other pad, to stay that way forever and keep sending 'shift' modifier. Dismantling the conducting layers and insulating them forever with a piece of paper (that wasn't the main pad for shift — there are three of them, and only one actually is responsible for the button) solved the problem.

Why I'm writing that? Because I found myself still on the same concept of thinking, as four-five years ago. I was constantly solving something, creating something, and I thought, that for all of my inspiration, I need energy. Energy, induced by solving something to the end, or finishing off some idea. That this energy can be used to any extent, but should be used only to create other inspirations. Thus, yielding a recursion and a constant flow of that energy. I even wrote down some of the ideas, 'for the bad day', as I called them — the ideas I know how to implement, for the case I've wasted all of that energy.

So I really did waste it all. A few years ago. Don't know where or how. And lived so very bored, with no inspiration, not a tiny spark of something, and without any ability to do something great. And, as I very much predicted — once this happened, I didn't not remember how to use those things I wrote down. Well, exactly those I referred as shreds. I didn't even see the case for them.

And now was the tiny moment, I found myself yet again with a bit of that energy. Thankfully to that cup of tea. It was a solution of a problem, once I fixed that key, and it is an income of energy.

Back to what was planned, it's time now. Not gonna waste it this time. (Not sure this will be enough for what I've just started, but I hope to finish it at least partially =) )

Heyya-ho x)