I feel afraid. Not that there is something scary. Even, maybe I'm just searching for other thinngs to focus my paranoia, than the fact that I may be leaving Belarus for half a year. Or maybe all of this as one.

I feel afraid. I feel something coming, something unfolding, some plan being brought in action. Thing don't just happen in the world. No coincedence exists in the Universe (just occasional, that doesn't count :) ). On the scale of my paranoia, things are starting to correlate, plans are brought in existence, and the fear is coming up.

Yes, I feel afraid. I just hope that either I'm wrong, or the things don't become so much bad in the next month. So that I'll just run outta there the next month and try to make myself a bit more calm. Hope.

P.S. no. I'll not become calmer. There are people I care, that will be left behind. I just wish them will. And hope nothing happens. Sorry…