Some things do happen on a whim. Well, I am paranoiac in nature after all, so I always do consider that that one whim may have been carefully planned. But… I don't really care. I love it. Planned or not, those are great. Tiny moments in our life, when the universe gives you something just because. Because mostly it only takes things away. The appreciation of what it gives you, thus, should be obligational, without regard for what's happening next. Take that, don't ask, go along and see what's going to happen; and in the meantime, do everything you can to hold on to that — not everything is a chance thing here, you have to do something as well. Don't bring up the memories of what were the outcomes on previous similar occasions; even knowing the risks, that's totally worth it, so go on, stick with that whim, act on it now. Not just hope this time everything turns out fine, but do turn it fine, even great, even awesome. Time for me to stop holding back on things out there.