Nice live music playing… Keyboardist sings himself.

There I was, exactly two weeks before. Thinking about uselessness of the time of my vacation. There I am now, no thoughts yet, just some live music. I love any sort of music, when it's live. It's the way it gets some character, some feeling of … human beings, of sorts.

"I'd have a glass of this scotch, 12 year ol' one"

Here I am now, sitting and thinking. Thinking of the year to come. I had my break. Some time to clean myself from never ending thoughts and start anew.

Scotch burning in my mouth.

Yeah, now is the time. Tomorrow the year starts. The year, the whole year of … work … risks … losses … and gains …

Another sip.

Just the same, as all years before.

And the music passes through my ears right into my brain. The pair, young woman and her husband, stand up from the table. They dance. They dance great. Such a simple, yet, literally, fiery dance…

And a sip again.

This will be the year, same as before and completely different alike. A year of new beginnings, of old mistakes and of unknown future.

The glass is almost empty, and it's a deep night already. The flight is early, I need to have some sleep now.

What will it bring me? What shall I prepare myself for? How will it come out at the end?.. I don't know. Maybe that is the idea of what future is. Or, it's exactly what it is.

A not-so-long walk to the room. The thoughts stop peering through my mind. Calmed, and determined, I come home. Wherever it'll be…